Announcing soloists for Season 12 Finale Concert on April 30, 2022

Congratulations to our featured soloists!

We’ve gone through hundreds of audition videos and we are so grateful to everyone who auditioned! We try very hard to create as many solo opportunities as possible, and nearly 1/3 of our singers will be featured in some way at the Season Finale!

We have VERY high expectations of our soloists, and a lot is riding on you. We’re putting a microphone in your hand in front of an audience of 1,400 people.

Scroll to the bottom to accept your solo and submit your contract.

The Human Heart

Directed by Brandi Cook

Room 230, 5:45 to 6:45, starting March 15

Megan Belisle (part 4), Callie Odom (part 6), Grace Rogers (part 5), Holland Stull (part 1), Remi Stull (part 3), Kinsley Wardle (part 2)

Touch the Sky

Directed by Krista Carroll

Maycee Post, Katie Green

My Own Superhero

Directed by Cara Stewart

Isabelle Jimenez, Bethany Jimenez, Brittin Thomas, Isla Stewart, Evie Openshaw, Reagan Stott, Annie Walker

What Is This Feeling?

Directed by Cara Stewart

Galinda and Elphaba; Room 218, 6:00 to 6:45, Starting March 15
Part 1 and 2: Room 223, 8:30 to 9:30pm, Starting March 15

Olivia Walker, Galinda; Natalie Walker, Elphaba

Part 1: Ethan Carroll, Megan Christensen, Maren Gardiner, Camrey Hebdon, Jara Kirkham, Annie Kunka, Hannah Macho, Brig Mason, Katie McCauley, Abbie Turgoose, Amelia Walker

Part 2: Davis Cook, Daxton Cook, Joseph Gardiner, Tyler Guptill

If I Only Had A Brain

Directed by Krista Carroll

Room 218, 8:15 to 9:00PM, Starting march 15

Ainsley Mahan, Dorothy; Luke Walker, Abigail Cox, Grant Gardiner

Stand Up

Directed by Brandi Cook

Brooklynn Thomas, Rachel Carr, Hailey Carroll, Annebel Mathews, Olivia Nielsen

Who I’d Be

Directed by Keith McCauley

Cafe, 9:30 to 10:00pm, starting March 15

Clayton Earl, Shrek; Ella Hessing, Fiona; Andrew Paternoster, Donkey

10,000 Hours

Directed by Krista Carroll

Mycah Beal, Cami Atwood

You Are The Reason

Directed by Krista Carroll

Lainey Gresham, Olivia Nielsen

Fight On, Fighter

Directed by Keith McCauley

Bryant Cox

Can’t Fight This Feeling

Directed by Keith McCauley

Josh Elison, Tyler Guptill, Jack Stone, Blaine Johnson

Feeling Good

Directed by Brandi Cook

Kinsely Wardle

To Love You More

Directed by Brandi Cook

Emma Olsen, Rachel Carr, Natalie Walker


Directed by Annie Roberts

Room 230, 7:30 to 8:15pm, Starting March 15

Bryn Carter, Addi Chandler

Somewhere Only We Know

Directed by Keith McCauley and Annie Roberts

Luke Butikofer, Lillie Perry, Bryn Carter, Sam Ashby, Addi Chandler, Brooklynn Thomas, Annebel Matthews

Ain’t Got Far to Go

Directed by Keith McCauley and Annie Roberts

Hailey Carroll

He Lives In You

Directed by Erika McCauley

Brooklynn Thomas (trio top note); Ella Hessing (trio middle note); Lillie Perry (trio bottom note)

Download the music below; you sing the Backup (B.U.) part.

Solo Acceptance Contract

We are contracting with each of our soloists to be prepared, attend all rehearsals, and keep up with their other Cantus music. Submit the form below to let us know that you accept the terms of your solo contract.
  • Please enter parent's phone number if you don't have one.