A family shared-experience music video project for singers, alumni, their siblings, parents, grandparents, and friends.


Submit your audio

The ANYWAY Project will be a music video composed of user-submitted audio recordings from Cantus singers, alumni, friends, parents, adults, children … anyone can participate! We’ll take those submissions and create the audio track for the music video.


Get your t-shirt

All participants will receive a power-statement t-shirt (pick your favorite below) and we’ll ship it your home. Singers who want to participate in the video portion of the music video will wear their t-shirt to the video shoot.


Perform in the music video

Participants will be invited to one of several socially-distanced in-person video shoots. Distance videography and drones will be used to capture video footage for the project.


Submit a video (optional)

Participants can also submit home video footage of themselves and their families for consideration. Examples could include: a birthday party, a family bike ride, hiking, athletic event, volunteering, reading to a child … just something that is meaningful and real.