Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays video shoot is Saturday, November 13

All Contemporary Ensemble singers who are free of symptoms are invited to attend the film shoot on Satruday, November 13 at the Two Rivers Clubhouse. Singers will be recording (or will have recorded) their audio in a private recording session at Tree City Church.

Please bring a white elephant gift. This gift should be funny, free (or less than $5), some piece of junk or random thing sitting around your house.

Some white elephant gift ideas …

1 sock
a children’s book
used batteries
depleted gift cards
1 can of soda
a half used bottle of ketchup
a toddler’s outfit
a packet of silverware from Kneaders
an old toy
a broken TV remote
An old cell phone
a hairbrush or comb
an old cook book
1 mitten
an old t shirt
a kitchen sponge (new)
statement mugs
a puzzle
a stuffed animal
a pet rock
a Lego build
a roll of toilet paper

Please see calendar for all memorization dates, events, and locations.

Saturday, November 13
1pm to 5pm
The Two Rivers Clubhouse
261 W Island Wood Dr
Eagle, ID 83616


Singers will perform Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays at the Two Rivers Clubhouse. There will be a number of “stations” where singers are making cookies, or opening white elephant gifts, or decorating a tree, etc. Soloists will interact with each group, posing, and interacting in a large holiday party. Singers will use their choreography, learned in rehearsal, for various shots and sequences.


THEME: Festive, nostalgic, tacky, wild Christmas party

All participants in the music video will need to prepare what they are going to wear. We don’t have a uniform, but need to make sure that what we’re wearing adds to the pageantry of the shoot. If you have any questions, text Keith McCauley at 208 four zero seven 4525.

Please wear

Ugly Christmas sweaters

Classy Christmas wear

Christmas costume

Christmas pajamas, big slippers

Scarves, Christmas accessories

Holiday statement shirts

Classy winter tops (chunky sweaters, reds, greens, blues)

Santa hats

Reindeer antlers

Please do NOT wear

Shorts, skirts, joggers, or athletic pants

Short-sleeved tops (it’s winter!)

Athletic coats or jackets