O Holy Night video shoot is Tuesday, November 9

All singers who (1) pass their in-rehearsal memorization test on 10/19, (2) submit an audio/video recording — due 10/28 at midnight, (3) attend the tech rehearsal on Tuesday, November 2, and (4) are free of symptoms will be invited to attend the film shoot on Tuesday, November 9 at The Cathedral of The Rockies.

Please see calendar for all memorization dates, events, and locations.

Tuesday, November 9
6:30pm to 9:30pm
Cathedral of the Rockies
717 N. 11th St.
Boise, ID 83702

November 2 Tech Rehearsal Presentation

If you missed our Tuesday night Tech Rehearsal on November 2, please flip through the slides below. The slides start off with arrival, flow through our indoor shoot, our transition to outside, and then our transition back to inside the sanctuary.



Singers will perform O Holy Night with guest soprano, Melissa Heath, and Cathedral of The Rockies organist, David Young. Part of the video shoot will be held inside the Cathedral and part of the shoot will take place outside the Cathedral (dress warm, see “Outfits” below). The first verse will feature Melissa Heath in the Cathedral with subdued mood lighting. Singers will congregate outside the Cathedral, holding a small taper candle with a live flame. As the chorus swells, singers will walk toward the Cathedral doors and enter.


THEME: Hallmark Christmas movie outdoor classy casual

All participants in the music video will need to prepare what they are going to wear. We don’t have a uniform, but need to make sure that what we’re wearing adds to the pageantry of the shoot. We will be outside for part of the shoot and will want to dress warm. If you have any questions, text Keith McCauley at 208 four zero seven 4525.

Everyone, please “up your game” when it comes to your outfit. You’re playing a role, please put together an outfit that looks like something a kid would wear in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Please wear

Dark jeans

Dark shoes (athletic shoes are fine, boots)

Classy winter layering on top (sweaters, cardigans, long-sleeved t-shirts, long-sleeved dress shirts, solid hoodies)

Warm dressy coats, gloves, hats, beanies, scarves (classic patterns like plaids and buffalo are ok, avoid “cartoon” patterns)

Please do NOT wear

Leggings, shorts, khakis, skirts, joggers, or athletic pants

Short-sleeved tops (it’s winter!)

Anything with a logo, print or statement

Athletic coats or jackets

Yellow, orange