10-12th grade

Our individually-miked all-female contemporary ensemble. Auditions are held in April-May of the previous season.

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A contemporary ensemble of high school-aged ladies.

Contessa is our all-female high school ensemble. They perform contemporary music, combining light choreography and harmonic textures for impactful performances.

Contessa is an auditioned ensemble. Singers in this ensemble also participate in Concordia as their primary ensemble. Contessa focuses on the development of healthy singing technique through contemporary choral music with accompaniment, ranging from two- to six-part music. There is a $65 additional participation fee to sing in this ensemble.


Season 11, semester 1

Members of Contessa will learn, memorize, record, and release an ensemble audio single. As conditions permit, they’ll have an opportunity to (1) learn their part in virtual and in-person rehearsals, (2) receive individualized coaching, (3) record their part in an isolated space, and (4) participate in a virtual mixing/mastering session so they can see how music is prepared for commercial release.

5:45 – 6:45pm
2066 W Verona
Meridian, ID 83646

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Auditioned ensemble

This is an auditioned ensemble. Auditions are held in April of the current season for next season's placement (Rhapsody hopefuls audition in April to be placed for the following September).