Our Mission

The mission of the Cantus Youth Choirs is to provide quality music experience with the goal of attaining the highest level of artistic excellence in choral music performance. The organization endeavors to enrich the lives of youth from all religious, racial, cultural, economic, and musical backgrounds. The program strives to foster the personal and social growth of its members and to promote their sense of self-worth, discipline, accomplishment and pride.

Singers in the Cantus Youth Choirs work hard and love music. They can trust their director to provide a safe, nurturing environment and, in turn, the director can expect the singers to respect the music, the director and each other. They come to rehearsal prepared, ready to learn and eager to have transcendent musical experiences. Singers in the Cantus Youth Choirs have high expectations of themselves and their director, both personally and musically. And, because of this, they achieve success.