Let it Go from FROZEN

Bella Visi

All miked. All treble. All contemporary.

Bella Visi is Cantus Youth Choirs’ premier all treble individually-miked ensemble. Bella Visi combines full range tight harmonies with dynamic choreography for inspirational and impactful performances.


Grades 10-12





Ensemble Size

10-18 singers

Bella Visi is an auditioned ensemble; singers in Bella Visi also participate in Concordia. Auditions for this ensemble are held in April and May for the following season. There is a $75 additional fee to participate in this ensemble. Bella Visi focuses on the development of healthy singing technique through advanced contemporary music with or without accompaniment. Bella Visi is directed by Brandi Cook on Tuesdays from 8:15 to 9:30pm.

Performances by Bella Visi