Callbacks for VoiceOver, Bella Visi and Fortis are Tuesday, May 15

WOW! Great job on your auditions! We want to express our appreciation to everyone who tried out on Tuesday night. Mrs. Cook, Mr. McCauley and Mrs. Roberts auditioned over 70 individuals for our high school contemporary ensembles, and we’re excited about working with you next season. We have spent many hours in discussions and auditions.

The first is that you need to know that all three of us (Brandi, Annie and me) have all tried out for hundreds of opportunities and haven’t been picked. This is the wonderful nature of music performance. It is an opportunity to practice one of life’s greatest lessons: just keep trying. If any of you have any questions on what you can do to better next time, please feel free to talk to any one of us.

Please be aware of how others might be feeling at this time. Your good sportsmanship and kindness is appreciated.

Please read EVERYTHING on this page so you can be best prepared for the callback process. There are MANY important details that you will need to know if you want to do well at your callback audition.

Season 9 callback list

NameMemorization Assignment
Boden BarrusTenor 2, Baritone
Sierra BeanSoprano 2, Alto 1, Lead
Alaina BerrySoprano 1, Alto 1
Halle BigelowSoprano 2, Soprano 1
Warren BodilyTenor 2, Baritone
Nicole BrownSoprano 2, Alto 1
Hailey CarrollSoprano 1, Soprano 2, Lead
Zach CarrollBaritone, Vocal Percussion
Rudy DyeTenor 2, Baritone
Moriah EltonAlto 2, Alto 1, Lead
Logan FelixTenor 1, Tenor 2, Vocal Percussion
Bryna FoutzSoprano 2, Alto 1, Lead
Emily FoutzAlto 2, Alto 1
Anna GardnerSoprano 2, Alto 1
Sarah HallAlto 2, Alto 1, Lead
Brandon HallTenor 2, Baritone
Joshua HessingTenor 1, Tenor 2, Lead
Hannah HirschiAlto 2, Alto 1, Lead
Alex HuntTenor 2, Baritone
Jacob HutchingsBass, Vocal Percussion
Ethan JensenTenor 1, Tenor 2, Lead
Zachary JensenTenor 2, Baritone
Xavier JuddBass
Emma LarsonAlto 2, Alto 1
Eric LarsonTenor 2, Baritone
Royal MadisonTenor 2, Baritone
Hannah MadsenSoprano 1, Alto 1, Lead
Joy MaryanskiSoprano 1, Alto 1, Lead
Kade McCallisterTenor 2, Baritone
Melissa McDonaldSoprano 2, Alto 2, Lead
Collin MckinleyTenor 1, Lead
Logan McNattTenor 1, Tenor 2, Lead
Ryan MeckTenor 2, Baritone
Joshua MontierthBass
Bailee MorrisonAlto 2, Alto 1
Logan MortensenBass, Baritone
Gabe NewmanTenor 2, Baritone
Ethan NortonTenor 2, Baritone
Teya OdomSoprano 1, Alto 1
Calvin PinedaBass, Baritone, Lead
Ashlynn PreeceSoprano 2, Alto 2
Sara PrisbreySoprano 2, Alto 1
Justin RavagoTenor 1, Tenor 2
Adam ReddTenor 2, Baritone
Anna RothAlto 2, Alto 1
Miranda RuchSoprano 1, Soprano 2, Lead
Aubrey SalyardsSoprano 2, Alto 1
Esther SchofieldSoprano 2, Alto 1, Lead
Ellie SimpsonAlto 1, Soprano 2
Ethan SimpsonTenor 2, Vocal Percussion, Lead
Kate StaritaSoprano 2, Alto 1, Lead
Rafe TaylorBass, Baritone
Braden ThomasTenor 2, Baritone
Dallin ThomasTenor 1, Tenor 2,
Rebekah WalkerSoprano 1, Alto 2
Brandon WaltonTenor 1, Tenor 2
Micah WelchSoprano 2, Alto 2,
Kristen YorgasonAlto 2, Alto 1
Tori YoungSoprano 1, Alto 1

What are callbacks?

Callbacks are a critical step in the audition process. It’s where we will be pairing individual voices with other voices to find the optimal blended sound for Fortis, Bella Visi and VoiceOver. We will be auditioning all three of these groups on Tuesday, May 15.

When are callbacks?

Callbacks will be held at Tree City Church on Tuesday, May 15. Callbacks are a progressive process; we will ask some people to stay and some people to go home at different points in the process. If we ask you to go home before 9:15pm, please know that we are still actively considering you for Fortis and Bella Visi.

Please note the following schedule and sequence. You must be available for the entire evening if you want to be considered for Fortis, Bella Visi and/or VoiceOver. Why? Because we need to be able to hear how you blend with other singers as we try to build the optimal blends for Fortis, Bella Visi and VoiceOver.

Female callbacks
5:30pm to 6:45pm

At 6:45 we will ask some ladies to stay and some to go home.

Male callbacks
6:45pm to 8:00pm

At 8:00 we will ask some gentlemen to stay and some to go home.

How do I prepare for callbacks?

Wear your dancing shoes!

We will teach you an 8-bar choreography segment. Wear shoes that you can move in (probably no sandals or flip-flops). You’ll want to be well-memorized so you can use your brain to focus on the choreography. It won’t be crazy or hard, just enough to see how you move. Don’t worry! You can do this!

Memorize your Assignment.

Everyone should be prepared to sing FROM MEMORY (without music) the parts that we have assigned you. We’ve heard almost everyone sing the lead part, and there are a few that we’d like to hear again.

Practice your parts.

Download the sheet music to I Still Haven’t Found What I Was Looking For and use the practice files below to memorize your part. Seriously … you’ll want to be absolutely prepared and ready to do your best with sounding and looking the part.

Click to download sheet music