Something To Believe In (theatrical release)

Something To Believe In (theatrical release)

By Cantus Youth Choirs
Erika McCauley, Artistic Director
Keith McCauley, Executive Producer

Directed by Krista Carroll, Brandi Cook, Erika McCauley, Keith McCauley, Melody Paskett, Annie Roberts, Josh Starita, Cara Stewart

Melissa Heath, soprano
David Young, organ
Patch Crowe, vocalist

Cantus Youth Choirs presents the SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN Red Carpet Theatrical Premiere event at the Eagle Luxe Reel Theatre on December 9, 2021. Cantus presents three new videos: O Holy Night, featuring Melissa Heath; Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays; and Something To Believe In, featuring Patch Crowe.

Watch the full-length theatrical release above, and enjoy these new and archival performances:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, by Contemporary Ensemble

Burn The Ships, by Fortis

He Wants It All, by VoiceOver

Where Are You Christmas, by Rhapsody

Glow, by Concordia

Rain, by VoiceOver

With or Without You, by Concert Choir

Rise, by Contessa

Do You Love Me, by Chorale

Pilgrim Song, by Cantus Youth Choirs

Rescue, by Bella Visi

Hope Will Lead Us On, by Cantus Youth Choirs and Alumni

Something To Believe In, by Cantus Youth Choirs

Silent Night, by Ethan Simpson, Royal Madison, Collin McKinley

O Holy Night, by Cantus Youth Choirs