First recording session with drums, bass, keyboards, and electric guitar

We just had our first recording session at The Tonic Room Studio on August 17, 2018. We started with a click track and the amazing Hannah Madsen, senior and current Cantus member. She put down our piano part and did an amazing job. We pulled Hannah back in at the end to play some 80’s synthesizer for some additional bass texture.

Garrick Meacham was next. He put down the bass guitar track. Garrick has been our bass player at our last two concerts.

Following Garrick was new-to-Cantus electric guitar player Kyler Daron. Kyler put down some amazing electric guitar improv tracks, and some additional power chord hits. We wrapped up the session with Kyler adding some pretty amazing glides. They sound a lot like whale noises … but, where I was skeptical at first, as soon as I heard what they did, I was sold!

Special credits need to go to Jason Ringelstetter, our sound engineer for The Hope Project. He’s also a drummer and put down an incredible fusion of live and engineered percussion for our project.

Cantus Alumnus, Zach Sawyer, was also at the session as our videographer!