Patch Crowe records lead for “Something To Believe In” earlier this morning

Earlier this morning, Patch Crowe, guest artist and lead for Cantus Youth Choirs’ Something To Believe In music video project, recorded his part at Funk Studios in Salt Lake City. This music video will be premiered at the Reel Theater – Luxe Eagle at our theater event on Thursday, December 9, 2021.

Cantus Singers will submit recordings by midnight of November 6, with music video shoot on November 16.

Keith McCauley joined Patch and audio engineer Hayden remotely via a Zoom video call. Here’s just 1 minute of the Zoom video feed of Patch doing his thing!

A bit about Patch

Patch Crowe is married to Cantus alumnae, Erin Todd Crowe. He grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and developed a love for entertaining at a young age. He started his music career putting on Jackson 5 concerts for his stuffed animals. He began entertaining more enthusiastic audiences when he became a member of the Provo-based boy band Beyond 5 in February 2013. His musical influences include Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith. Read more about Patch.

Funk Studios, our studio away from our home studio

Cantus Youth Choirs recorded Amy Whitcomb and Michelle Pedersen at Funk Studios in for The HOPE Project, our virtual choir performance of Hope Will Lead Us On. This music video was originally intended to premiere at the Season 2019 Finale concert, celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Due to the outbreak of COVID, we did a worldwide premiere on YouTube.