Recording vocals in Salt Lake City with Amy Whitcomb and Michelle Pedersen

Amy and Michelle were the perfect choice! We just got done with our recording session in Salt Lake City and Funk Studios, and I’ve got to say, Amy and Michelle sound amazing together.

Amy was our guest artist for Finale 2012, and Michelle was a Cantus director and guest artist for us as well. They did such a great job of putting down solid vocal tracks and expressing the sentiments of this song. We had some heartfelt moments together in the low-lights of Funk Studios.

I’m so grateful to both Amy and Michelle for making this happen. Amy was really sick and Michelle had opera auditions the next day. I also want to thank Cantus Alumnus, Zach Sawyer for driving down from Rexburg to film our session. Also, special thanks to the sound engineers at Funk Studios for making our session enjoyable and productive.