1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Select your part from the dropdown.
  3. Put on your headphones.
  4. Click  on the video recorder pane (scroll down, it’s under the sing-a-long video player).
  5. Allow your browser access to your webcam.
  6. You should see yourself in the video recorder pane.
  7. Make some noise and make sure the audio meter  is bouncing (bottom right corner of the video recorder).
  8. Click the RECORD button  (bottom left corner of the video recorder).
  9. Scroll up and click PLAY  on your sing-a-long video player.
  10. Perform with feeling!
  11. Wait until the very end of the song. Smile. Look into the lens of the camera.
  12. When all audio has stopped, hit STOP  (bottom left corner of video recorder).
  13. Click  and you’re done!