VoiceOver to premiere music video HOME at Season 9 Finale Concert

Cantus Youth Choirs is proud to announce VoiceOver’s fourth single release, Home, on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Pay and Amazon MP3. Home is also released on YouTube as VoiceOver’s first-ever music video. This song was performed live on tour to San Francisco, and the music video will be premiered at the Season 9 Finale Concert on April 19, 2019! Video and audio will be available thereafter!

Each spring millions of students graduate from high school and take a critical step toward adulthood. This is a bittersweet rite of passage for both parents and their children. As these graduates move into the next phase of life, their definition of  “home” evolves beyond parents, siblings, and the house they grew up in, to perhaps, an apartment, roommates, education, travel, career, partners, spouses, and children. Home is where the heart is, and these first steps into adulthood are for hearts that are ready to expand, ready to include, ready to call more places and more people … home.