Melody Paskett

Melody Paskett

Secretary, Board of Directors

Mrs. Paskett is no longer directing choirs with Cantus. She and her family moved out of state.

Melody Paskett earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music, with Choral Education emphasis, and a minor in Japanese from Brigham Young University.

Mrs. Paskett has enjoyed performing all of her life, dancing and singing from a young age in numerous musical theater, ballet, jazz, and choral ensembles, including High School All-Northwest Choir, the BYU Women’s Chorus, BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble’s Performing Arts Company and the Utah Symphony Chorus. As an active supporter of community arts programs, she has performed in various music and theater groups in Oregon, Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

She is active in church music as a choir member, conducting instructor, and has served as administrative director of music and of cultural arts. In her broad range of experiences organizing, performing in, and directing ensembles and events, she has been responsible for large-scale projects requiring extensive organization, fiscal management and accountability, and communication. She has been involved in school music programs in Boise and Meridian. Mrs. Paskett is an emeritus director of Cantus Youth Choirs and now lives in Utah. Mrs. Paskett continues to work remotely in an administrative role and on the board of directors.

Prior to her involvement in Cantus Youth Choirs, Mrs. Paskett was a full-time homemaker who also taught part-time private music lessons in piano and voice. Mrs. Paskett has been married to Mark Paskett since 1994, and they have five children.

Photography credit: Fabiana Huffaker

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