Amy Whitcomb and Jake Justice featured at Finale 2012


Amy Whitcomb, known for her soaring vocals and impeccable range, performs regularly as a soloist, band front singer, and ensemble performer.

Amy Whitcomb co-founded “Delilah,” an all-star performing team made of past contestants of NBC’s The Sing-Off and other veterans in the a cappella community.

Since their appearance on Season 3 of The Sing-Off, Delilah has been recording and touring, inspiring and empowering women across the nation and the globe.

Amy Whitcomb is also the lead singer for The Whits. Since launching their musical debut, this band has quickly captivated listeners with their unique blend of rock n’ roll edge, classic pop, and soul, earning a reputation as one of Utah’s hottest alternative rock bands.

Amy Whitcomb and The Whits recently opened for Brad Paisley and David Archuleta for a crowd of 60,000 at Utah’s Stadium of Fire 2011.

Amy says, “I LOVE my family, my friends, the beach, scary movies, and goat cheese.”

“I’ve also always been drawn to leopard print and rhinestones despite my tomboy tendencies, which most likely stem from having 3 older brothers antagonizing me constantly growing up. I had to learn to stand up for myself early on. And then later on, I learned how lucky I am to have older brothers.”

“Though I love my brothers and I love boys, ex-boyfriends make me cringe. Can’t complain though cuz’ they’ve really contributed to my art.”

“My romantic life’s an adventure that continually inspires me to sing, to write, and to create. And I feel the most complete when I’m singing … or when I’m listening to freaking Eva Cassidy.”


Jake Justice spent most of his childhood in Thousand Oaks, California where his single mother co-owned the performing arts school, Fayard Studios. While most kids went home from school and played outside with their friends, Jake had no choice but to stay all day at the performing arts school.

After he was finished with his homework, Jake would lock himself in a piano practice room and play for hours on end. Although he began to teach himself how to play the piano at age 3 and began composing at age 8, Jake didn’t start formal lessons until he was 11.

Since then, Jake has recorded as a session pianist in studios in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta, and has played the piano at hundreds of concerts including performances at the Georgia Dome and the Hollywood Bowl.

After living abroad for two years in Warsaw, Poland, Jake was accepted to the Media Music program at Brigham Young University. Outside of school, his mentors in film composing and orchestral conducting include Chris Caswell and Merrill Jenson. Jake has been blessed with opportunities to compose music for award-winning commercials, documentaries, and short films. At BYU, he started the BYU Film Scoring Club in order to promote collaboration between music students and film students.

Recently, Jake began working with the popular Youtube channel, “Warialasky.” The films he has collaborated on have garnered over 2,000,000 views in the period of a few weeks alone. Currently, Jake is working as an assistant for the Park City Film Music Festival and composing music for a few indie films.

When Jake isn’t composing or playing the piano, he enjoys working as a recording engineer at a local studio, traveling, playing sports, and golfing.