Expand your vocal range with Cantus

By participating in Cantus Youth Choirs and actively working hard during warm ups, you can learn to sing in the higher range of your voice in a healthier and stronger way. Learning to sing high notes can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Expanded Vocal Range: Developing the ability to sing high notes increases your vocal range, allowing you to sing a wider variety of songs and musical styles.
  2. Improved Vocal Control: Singing high notes requires a lot of control and precision. Learning how to hit high notes can help you develop better breath control, pitch accuracy, and vocal strength.
  3. Versatility: Being able to sing high notes makes you a more versatile singer. You’ll be able to tackle a broader range of music genres and styles, making you a more sought-after performer.
  4. Confidence Boost: Being able to hit high notes can give you a confidence boost, both on stage and off. Singing high notes can be challenging, and overcoming that challenge can help you build confidence in your abilities as a singer.
  5. Increased Expression: High notes can add emotion and intensity to a song. Learning how to sing high notes effectively can help you convey the emotion and message of a song more effectively, making you a more powerful and expressive performer.

Overall, learning to sing high notes can expand your vocal range, improve your vocal control, boost your confidence, and make you a more versatile and expressive performer.