Josh Starita

Associate Director of VoiceOver

Josh Starita is currently on sabbatical with Cantus Youth Choirs as he focuses on his primary business ventures and family.

Beatboxer, vocalist, and arranger Josh Starita has loved a cappella music and vocal percussion since he was just 10 years old when his family bought a couple of BYU Vocal Point CDs that they listened to while doing Saturday chores. Mr. Starita immediately began to imitate the noises he was hearing (constantly annoying his family) and soon developed some rudimentary beatboxing skills.

In high school, Mr. Starita was the first beatboxer for VoiceOver where he continued to develop his talents through YouTube tutorials, a cappella music camps, and workshops, eventually winning “Rocky’s Got Talent” for his beatboxing/singing/piano set.

In college, Josh Starita took vocal percussion lessons from the legendary Matt Newman, who has won multiple beatboxing competitions and beatboxed for BYU Vocal Point and UVU Voiceline. Mr. Starita also participated in BYU A Cappella’s Duly Noted and UVU’s premiere a cappella group, Voiceline.

Now, years after participating in Cantus Youth Choirs, Mr. Starita is excited to be back in the treasure valley co-directing VoiceOver with Keith McCauley and Annie Roberts.

Josh Starita’s Portfolio