Recording session 2 of 3 at 9171 W State St

Season 11, semester 1 is coming to a close. This is our second of three recordings sessions for Contessa, Fortis, Bella Visi, and VoiceOver. Tuesday, 10/27 was our last full-ensemble rehearsal.

Recording sessions will take place at:

9171 W State St
Boise, ID 83714
(This is a different location than originally announced.)

Text Keith McCauley at 208-407-4525 with any questions.

Please note your recording time below. Please be on time, we have 57 singers to record, and each singer has a 15 minutes slot. We will not be able to offer any makeup recording sessions.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

5:00 pmKayla McCauley
5:15 pmElla Hessing
5:30 pmEva Fales
5:45 pmAleah Salyards
6:00 pmSpencer Gray
6:15 pmCaleb Hessing
6:30 pmAidan Anderson
6:45 pmBryant Cox
7:00 pmDavis Cook
7:15 pmAubrey Salyards
7:30 pmMegan Sant
7:45 pmAddie Chandler
8:00 pmEliza Buhrley
8:15 pm Olivia Walker
8:30 pmEric Larson
8:45 pmBrandon Walton
9:00 pmEmmeline Walker
9:15 pmAnnica Kropf
9:30 pmIvy Tanner
9:45 pmWarren Bodily
10:00 pmHailey Carroll

View November 17 sessions here.

Recording environment and process

Each singer will have 15 minutes to get set up, record, and transition. Each singer should arrive at least five minutes early, come warmed up and ready to sing.

We’ll have exclusive access to unfinished and unoccupied retail space. It is a large space and risk of COVID exposure is low. Each singer will be recorded by Keith McCauley or Josh Starita and their director. There will be at least two adults present at all times.

Each singer will record using an ISOVOX head booth, a microphone, headphones with their backup track, and an iPad with their sheet music. We’ll sanitize the equipment between each singer.