Tour Parent Meeting Agenda and Links

Cantus Tour Parent Meeting

Feb. 19, 2019

  1. Welcome!
    1. Access all Tour docs at: > Members > Tour
    2. Ongoing questions: or contact your chaperone
  2. Itinerary
    1. Be on time on Thursday! We will leave as scheduled
    2. Parking @ Tree City (leaving cars Thurs or dropping off cars for Sun)–north or south edges only, at own risk, carpool where possible
    3. We need to know ahead of time (asap) if you are picking up singers in San Francisco; we will have a sign-out process and luggage set aside
  3. Packing List and Instructions  Please:
    1. Follow instructions for our slick and efficient system
    2. Accommodate chaperone’s designated time/date for drop-off
    3. Review dress code and ask questions ahead of time
    4. Label everything–we don’t do Lost & Found w/ unlabeled items
  4. Behavior Standards overview only
  5. Chaperone List
  6. Group List
    1. Will know bus and hotel room assignments closer to tour
  7. Singers– mandatory meeting/rehearsal Sat., 3/2, 10am-3, bring a lunch
    1. Location: 4505 N Linder Rd, Meridian, 83646
    2. MUSIC SHOULD BE LEARNED BY Tuesday, 2/26! (details on Practice Files page, emails, Tour page, Facebook)
  8. Tag-along information (talk to Dana after)
    1. Attending Festival Concert Friday evening
    2. Transportation: no one is scheduled to be dropped off or picked up in SF at this point; let us know asap if plans change
  9. (Blaze Pizza Fundraiser next Tuesday; 5-8 pm Village location; bring flyer from email/show on phone)
  10. Q & A
  11. Follow-up directly after meeting
    1. Accounts: talk to John Belisle
      1. Bernhardt, Frogley, Gardner, Hammond, Stewart
    2. Agreements: talk to Melody
      1. Ball 3, Elaina Clark, Gardner 2, L Olson (both); Bigelow (P); C Frogley, Madison, Mavy, Meck, Norton, A Roth (S)
    3. Food questions: talk to Dana
      1. Bernhardt (dairy), Preece (2) (gluten/dairy), Odom (2) (lactose), Fenn (lactose)
    4. Chaperones:
      1. meet parents (chaperones unavailable tonight: Keith, Brandi, Krista, Daisie, Mark)