Tour 2019 costs, dates, payment information, and commitment

Here are the details from the Tour 2019 Parent Meeting, held on September 4, 2018.

Tour will be Thursday, March 14 through Sunday, March 17. We’ll leave early on Thursday morning and return on Sunday. Note: Touring singers will likely be missing 2 days of school, depending on your school’s schedule.

We’ll be going to the Choirs of America Choral Festival in San Francisco. Please read our previous post for information about the clinicians Z. Randall Stroope and Deke Sharon.


We offer two payment options for tour, a cash price and a credit card price (if you’d prefer to pay by card, we need to be able to cover the fees). Payment schedules are listed below.


$450 per singer

cash price

$475 per singer

credit card

Price includes bus, hotel and all activities, and food on Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday. (Please bring a sack lunch for Thursday on the bus and cash for lunch and dinner on Saturday).

Important Dates

  • 9/15/18: Tour registration opens, watch emails please
  • 10/23/18: Tour registration and $100 deposit is due
  • 12/1/18: First tour payment is due; if cash $175, if credit $200
  • 1/30/19: Final payment due; if cash $175, if credit $175
  • 2/1/19: Late Fees apply for any balances owed
  • 2/19/19: Parent Tour Meeting

Deposit = commitment

Payment of deposit is more than just “non-refundable;” it is a commitment to us to pay the entire amount in full. Tour activities and costs are paid for ahead of time and we are obligated!

The only way out of this commitment is to sell your tour spot to another singer.