Spring 2021 recording session for VoiceOver, Bella Visi, Fortis, Contessa

Please take a look at the audio recording session schedule below and note your assigned time. Please do ALL that is in your power to make your assigned time. Please arrived 10 minutes early. You’ll each only have 15 minutes to record Anyway and your ensemble’s song. This means that you may only get 3 sing-throughs. Please be prepared.

Recordings will be held at our rehearsal location:

9201 W State St
Boise, ID 83714

A note about video shoots …

We are coordinating schedules of locations, venues, and videographers for our video shoots. Once we have those dates and times we’ll get that posted as soon as possible. We’re trying to get this all worked out as fast as possible. The pandemic has definitely created some challenges!

VoiceOver will be shot in a theater. We’re still coordinating time/location, but most likely a Tuesday evening.

Bella Visi will shoot their video at Swan Falls in Melba, most likely a Saturday.

Fortis will shoot their video at Lucky Peak, most likely a Saturday.

Contessa will shoot at our rehearsal locations, most likely a Tuesday evening.